Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Teacher Week '13! Let's Talk About Me Monday!

Talking about Kimmie!  This should be interesting!  LOL!  Well, here are some things that you find fun about me!  Let me see how many numbers I'll need!

1.  I'm getting ready to begin my 20th year as a teacher!  I've taught 2nd grade and 1st grade and for the last 11 years, I've been in Kindergarten!  It's the best grade ever!

2.  My hubby Jim and I have been married for 30 years!  Our anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks and that will mark our 31st anniversary!  Wow!  He's a wonderful man and we spend lots of time together!  We have two smart, beautiful girls and we're so proud of them! AND we have another member of our sweet family!  It's Gigi!  She's our chubby little beagle!
Sweet Little Gigi! Who could resist that face?
3.  I teach SPINNING!  I love to Spin (indoor bike, high intensity aerobic exercise! - Not to be confused with weaving or spinning yarn! LOL!)  I've been a Spinning Instructor for about 14 years!  I also teach Pilates, YogaFit and HydroRider, which is Spinning in the deep water pool.  I love to exercise and I like to make it fun for others!  I do resistance training, I run a little and take all kinds of exercise classes at the Health Plex near where I live in Cincinnati! 
4.  I love to cook!  I think I'm a chef!  I've been a vegan for almost 16 years!  It seems like forever and I'm so glad!  It's definitely a life choice and most of the time it's easy and simple.  It's a little tricky when we have to travel, but it's getting easier as restaurants become more interested in offering healthy low fat veggie choices!

I think this is so true!!
5., 6., 7., & 8.  This summer my husband and I went to Las Vegas so that I could present at the I Teach K! Conference!  That was awesome!  I met some really fun teachers!  It was lots of fun!  One of the summer highlights! 

I also elbowed my way up to meet Kim Adsit, Kimberly Jordano and Kathleen Pederson!
Thanks girls!
Here's a photo of the Blogger Meet Up 2013! 
Where are you?  Do you see yourself? Can you find me? (Middle, about 3 from the right!)

9.  After the conference in Las Vegas, Jim and I took a little vacation for the first time in about 20 years!  We've been kind of busy with work and the girls and giving all our money to The University of Cincinnati!  Finally, we were able to spend some time together and enjoy Palm Springs, CA, the Grand Canyon and the area all around Sedona, AZ!

 Palm Springs, CA
 The Grand Canyon!  So Beautiful!
 Sedona, AZ   A Gorgeous Area!

10.  Tomatoes!  We are growing lots and lots and LOTS of tomatoes!  We have 32 tomato plants and the tomatoes are starting to get ripe!  There's nothing like a Cincinnati tomato and we wait all summer for them to ripen!  We grow many, many varieties and I love them all!  Brandywine, Grape,  Roma, Cherry, Black Cherry, Big Boy, Better Boy and Early Girl are some of our favorites! Need a few?  Come over!


 I could go on and on!  That's a lot of Kimmie info!  Tomorrow is another day and another fun blog post coming up! 

I love doing these Linky Party Activities! I learn so much about FABULOUS bloggers and the GREAT ideas that they have and the WONDERFUL places they go!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this! If I think of something else I'll add it later!
Have a great week!

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