Friday, February 28, 2014

Yay! It's A 3 Million Strong Sale!

Wow!  3 Million Strong!  That is really something to get excited about!  I'm jumping in to the sale too!  Today, February 28th you can save 28% on everything in my TpT store!  Just enter the Code TPT3 at checkout!  You can click on the link below to go right to my store and shop all you want!!

Thanks so much!  I hope you find lots of fun things for your kiddies!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Vibrations!

Isn't it fun and interesting to do Science experiments with Kinders?  I know!! I love it!!

We've been learning about sound in Room A-1 and today we did a very fun and easy experiment to help the kiddies "see" sound vibrations.

I got 2 metal pie tins and in the first one I put a thin layer of salt.  (You could use sugar or sand too.)
In the second pie tin, I put enough water to cover the bottom.  Then I used a tuning fork to show the kiddies how to "see" the vibrations!  We followed the Scientific Method starting with a question to try and figure out what we wanted to know.  Then we made a statement, our hypothesis, to state what we thought would happen.  Next we did the experiment and followed the procedures to use a tuning fork. Finally we discussed what happened and drew our conclusions.  Then we talked with our partners about what happened.

Here are some pictures of the tins! 



 Using the tuning fork to see vibrations in salt.

Using the tuning fork to see vibrations in water.
Here's a little video clip of part of our experiment in action!

 Tomorrow we're going to "feel" the vibrations!  It should be another interesting and fun 1Science experiment! 

I hope you had a wonderful Monday!  Enjoy tomorrow!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Fun - I Need To Catch Up!

February has been such a busy month for me, my family and my boys and girls!  So I must apologize for letting time go by since my last post.  Hopefully, things will settle down a little bit in the upcoming weeks!  Birthdays, holidays, teacher evaluations, after-school classesil, a field trip to see a show at the Children's Theatre and extra Spinning classes have left me a little tired and have kept me away from the computer!  It's time for me to reevaluate my time and rewrite my personal schedule! 

Here are some of the things I've been up to this month!

Groundhog Day!
I love Groundhog Day!  It's a great time to learn about weather, shadows and the legend that surrounds Groundhog Day!  It's fun to talk about Punxsutawney Phil and Buckeye Chuck!  The kids got a big kick out of calling groundhogs, "whistle pigs and woodchucks." Here's a picture of a little craft that we did to show that Phil saw his shadow this year and we could expect another six weeks of winter!

100th Day of School and Valentine's Day!
 The 100th Day of School was during Valentine's Week this year because we have had several snow days that kept moving it back!  It was a great day and we did some simple and fun activities to celebrate!  We did:
100 jumps
100 seconds of Silent Reading
100 Steps to the Gym
100 Bears Hidden in Room A-1
100 Counting by 1's and 10's
100 Pieces of Things to Make GORP
100 Day Hats
100 Dot to Dot Pictures
100 Day Poem
100 Day Stories
Valentine's Day Celebration!
It's always wonderful to get a beautiful handmade valentine from the kids in my class.  This sweet heart brought tears to my eyes!  I'm keeping it forever!
Sounds in Science!
We've been learning about sound this month and here are some of the instruments that my kiddies created to play in class.  We've done some great experiments to explore sound and sound vibrations.  The kiddies came up with their own ideas about what instruments they wanted to make and they did an awesome job!
Look at these beauties!

Shape Mural!
We're learning about 2-D and 3-D shapes this month as well! 
My class decided to create an ocean mural using flat shapes to create and design the scene.  It's a work in progress and each day they add to it.  I'll post the finished mural this week but this is the mural after the first day.  The kiddies use shapes to make boats, fish, sea creatures, clouds, a sun and other creative additions to the mural.  They also decided that they could use markers to add to the shapes so that it would be easier to show what they were trying to make with the shapes.  I'm always interested to see what they come up with and how they decide what they want to create!


Thanks for taking the time to check out what's been going on in Room A-1 in the last few weeks!
I think I'm all caught up and ready to get back on my posting schedule!
Have a GREAT week! 
It's Dental Health Week in Room A-1!
We'll be working on lots of Tooth-a-licious Activities this week!