Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Vibrations!

Isn't it fun and interesting to do Science experiments with Kinders?  I know!! I love it!!

We've been learning about sound in Room A-1 and today we did a very fun and easy experiment to help the kiddies "see" sound vibrations.

I got 2 metal pie tins and in the first one I put a thin layer of salt.  (You could use sugar or sand too.)
In the second pie tin, I put enough water to cover the bottom.  Then I used a tuning fork to show the kiddies how to "see" the vibrations!  We followed the Scientific Method starting with a question to try and figure out what we wanted to know.  Then we made a statement, our hypothesis, to state what we thought would happen.  Next we did the experiment and followed the procedures to use a tuning fork. Finally we discussed what happened and drew our conclusions.  Then we talked with our partners about what happened.

Here are some pictures of the tins! 



 Using the tuning fork to see vibrations in salt.

Using the tuning fork to see vibrations in water.
Here's a little video clip of part of our experiment in action!

 Tomorrow we're going to "feel" the vibrations!  It should be another interesting and fun 1Science experiment! 

I hope you had a wonderful Monday!  Enjoy tomorrow!

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