Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Ole' Dr. We Know Who!

We've been enjoying some great rhyming, some great nonsense words and some great stories written by our favorite Dr. We Know Who! 

Yesterday we read a story about a turtle named Yertle.  The boys and girls created a turtle craft to help them retell the story!  We talked about what makes a good leader and brainstormed some great leaders that we know!

The story about one fish and then another and one that's red and one that's a different color inspired us to estimate how many goldfish crackers were in 2 kid sized bags!  (One little bag for the girls and one little bag for the boys!)  I wanted to use the little bags because the total number was around 100 and we could count that ourselves!  After we estimated, recorded and counted, we all had a tasty goldfish snack!  Yummy!

Tomorrow we'll be reading that book about the kitty that wears a colorfully striped hat!  We'll make a fun little hat to wear all day!  We'll do a cut and paste matching sheet to practice rhyming words and play a game to identify real and nonsense words!  What a busy week! 

Have a great one!

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'll See You In Las Vegas in July! Woo-Hoo!

National Kindergarten Teachers Conference  Hey!  Here's some GREAT news!  I've been invited to be a Presenter this year at the 2013 I Teach K! Conference in Las Vegas!  What a wonderful honor and fabulous opportunity!  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to attend!  I know there are many other terrific presenters and I'm excited to attend other sessions and learn about what's going on in other  Kindergarten classes!

Please follow me and watch as we get closer to the July 2013 Conference!

Thank you! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Did You Do The Snow Dance?

The Snow Dance is a very powerful dance!  Did you do the dance today?  It's already snowing and schools are beginning to call for delays!  How will you use your extra time in the morning?  Extra lesson planning? Laminating the center games that you haven't had time to work on all week?  Coffee with a friend?

Whatever you do, have a great day!  Enjoy!  :-)


Here's a Coiny Freebie!

Along with President's Day, we are checking out the coins!  Even though coins are not in the Kindergarten Core Curriculum, our grade level teachers are introducing them to help the older grades.  So, I wrote a little poem and made an assessment sheet and a parent note to go with it.
It's a freebie on my TpT store!  Get it!

I hope you enjoy using this poem!  Have a great week!
I'm putting together some giveaways so watch for those very soon!
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Latest Creations!

I've been working on a new poem for President's Day and I finally came up with one that has lots of Kindergarten sight words, rhyming words and words that you can use to practice syllables with your kiddies! Check it out on my TpT store!

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A Hearty Kind of Week!

It's been "heart" to keep up this week!  We had a great Valentine's Day party with several little crafts, oodles of beautiful valentines and tons of sweet candy treats!  The A-1 parents are so generous!  They always send just what we need to have a great party!  I love that!

We had a terrific field trip to the Cincinnati Children's Museum today!  It was snowing outside but warm and wonderful inside the Museum Center!  There are lots of kid friendly science activities as well as many dramatic play areas!  The kiddies had a great, great time and learned lots of fun and fabulous science information!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Mobile Tooth Mobile!

We are all about Dental Health activities in A-1 this week!  We've been reading about Dental Health, talking about it, writing about it, doing science experiments with it and making some super cute craftivities to go out in the hallway!  My boys and girls are tooth-erific!  Here's a little mobile that we made from a Mailbox craft idea! 
We decided that we'll use this to help us remember to brush our teeth in the morning and at night.  The kiddies were excited, to take it home and hang it up!  Every kiddie also received a new toothbrush and a sample of toothpaste from the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures  Program!  Thank you Colgate Palmolive Co.!  What an awesome community program!

Thanks for checking out our Dental Health Activities!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Mini Book!

Here's a link to the latest little mini book that I've written for our Dental Health Unit this week! 
I'm sure that my boys and girls are going to love reading this! You can pick it up at my Teachers Pay Teachers page!  I've included some comprehension/discussion questions at the end of the story to help you work on strategies with your kiddies!  I hope you love it too!

Tomorrow is the big sale at TeachersPayTeachers Store!
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We are Fairy Excited about Dental Health!

My Kindergarten kiddies are looking forward to learning about Dental Health this week!  We'll be reading some interesting fiction and non-fiction stories about dental health!  Here are a few of the books that we'll enjoy in our classroom!

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These are available at:


And these are available at: