Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Ole' Dr. We Know Who!

We've been enjoying some great rhyming, some great nonsense words and some great stories written by our favorite Dr. We Know Who! 

Yesterday we read a story about a turtle named Yertle.  The boys and girls created a turtle craft to help them retell the story!  We talked about what makes a good leader and brainstormed some great leaders that we know!

The story about one fish and then another and one that's red and one that's a different color inspired us to estimate how many goldfish crackers were in 2 kid sized bags!  (One little bag for the girls and one little bag for the boys!)  I wanted to use the little bags because the total number was around 100 and we could count that ourselves!  After we estimated, recorded and counted, we all had a tasty goldfish snack!  Yummy!

Tomorrow we'll be reading that book about the kitty that wears a colorfully striped hat!  We'll make a fun little hat to wear all day!  We'll do a cut and paste matching sheet to practice rhyming words and play a game to identify real and nonsense words!  What a busy week! 

Have a great one!

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