Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer School In Full Swing!

Hey all my friends!  So Summer School is up and running!  I was worried because I only started out with one little student but since the first day I've gotten a few more! Our program is spread out over the summer so I get to work with the kiddies on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours in the morning. 

I made a schedule so that I could offer structure and routine to the boys and girls that I'm working with this summer.
9:00 Class Begins/Attendance
9:00-9:15  Independent Reading (with support)
9:15-9:30  Read Aloud & Mini Lesson
9:30-9:50  Writer's Workshop
9:50-10:05  Word Work/Sight Words/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness
10:05-10:20  Math Activities and Review
10:20-10:40  Guided Reading Groups 
10:40-10:55  Learning Center or Craftivity
10:55-11:00  Computer Games to review skills
11:00  Dismissal

 Here's a template if you want to copy it! 

Lessons & Notes
Independent Reading
(with support)
Read Aloud & Mini Lesson
Writer’s Workshop
Word Work/Sight Words/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness
Math Activities & Review
Guided Reading Groups
Learning Center or Craftivity
Computer Skill Game

I decided to pick a theme for each week because I love teaching with themes and it gives the kiddies something to look forward to and helps them to make connections to their own experiences. 

Here are the themes that I've picked for June!
Week 1 - Summer Is Coming!
Week 2 - Fathers Rock!
Week 3 - At The Beach!
Week 4 - 4th of July!

Tuesday of Week 1 was a slow start with only one student so we went outside to our assigned garden box space and planted seeds along with onion sets and 3 little tomato plants that I grew at home!  I'm hoping to do some writing and math activities with the plants as they grow!

Thursday was a fun day!  We had a few more students and we reviewed rhyming and sight words. I did a mini lesson on, "Books That Fit," picking books that are just right for us.  We chose several leveled books and had time to read a few to check the fit!  We also set up our Writer's Workshop folders and started new stories about summer break!  Word Work was a Real Word/Nonsense Word Game.  We practiced counting to 100 by 10's and ones!  Each day I copy a leveled book for each child and I give him/her a response sheet for the leveled book.  Those go into a Ziploc baggie and they take home the book to practice and then complete the response sheet at home.  We finished up the day with a short computer game time! 
Here's the link to the great rhyming game we played! 
It's an awesome and free resource to practice rhyming with your kiddies!
I hope you're having a great start to your summer!
 Have fun playing this sweet little game!

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