Monday, June 23, 2014

Next Up - 2 Weeks of Summer Themes - Fathers Rock and At the Beach

Here's a great book we read during Father's Day Week!   I wanted to share some of the activities that we've been doing in Week 2 and Week 3 during Summer School!  

Week 2 - Father's Day Theme

In addition to reading some great stories about fathers and the special guys in our lives, we also did some writing about our favorite men!  I had the kiddies do a nonsense and real word sorting game, a review of the vowel sounds and a sweet Father's Day card and craft!

Week 3 - At The Beach Theme
We read this book and worked on vocabulary, main idea and details, setting, characters and plot.

We did Beach Umbrella Writing and Flip Flop Writing too!  Here are a few pictures of our great writing!

I found this clip art design at Black Dog's Summer Fun Coloring Book website. 
It was perfect for this writing activity!
The paper design is from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills'

 This was the template that I used for my model. We colored the umbrella and cut it out to use as our design graphic for our writing activity.  I didn't give the prompt, we decided as a group, how we would start the writing and the kiddies finished with their own ideas.

Here's the same paper template, but the graphic came from

To practice number writing, we filled in the blank June calendar from the Education Center, Mailbox Superbook, Grade K.  I really love the clip art and the boxes are big enough for Kinder size numbers!

Push Pin Art
Finally, I saw this fun craftivity somewhere but I'm not sure where and it's been a few years.  I couldn't find a link, but here are the pictures that I have to share.  We traced stencils of beach shapes and then used a push pin to poke holes along the lines of the designs.  When we finished we held it up to the window to see the light shining through the design!

Finally we used this game to review rhyming words.

We used this game to practice sight words!

Wow!  I'm finishing up the plans for this week. Week 4 is going to be the July 4th theme because we'll be off next week!  It should be fun, fun, fun!  

Have a great week!

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