Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're All About Hens, Chicks and Bread Baking!

As you can see from our classroom pictures, the chicks are all the rage this week!  We've been reading all about chicks, all about hens, roosters and oviparous animals!  We have done a literature study on different versions of, "The Little Red Hen" stories.  We've done comparisons with the different versions, discussing characters, settings and plot.  To finish and wrap up our study, we decided that we should bake homemade bread!  So we did!  We discussed using our 5 Senses to help up with the activity.  The kiddies loved the smell of the yeast!  That surprised me!  They were so excited!  After mixing up the dough, we observed it rising and we observed it falling when I touched it to release the air.  They helped with kneading by making their own small "loaf" of bread!  My boys and girls were surprised that it took all day to make the bread!  This bread making activity was, for ALL my students, the first time they had ever made home made bread so I was really glad that they had the opportunity to participate.  Check out our great bread making activity!


These loaves of bread were so delicious!  Most of my kiddies ate all of their bread!  Some took home a little piece in a baggie for moms or dads to try! 
It was a great experience and the kiddies did it, "All by themselves!"
Enjoy the week!  It might be nice this week!  Warmer weather and only a chance of rain!
Outside recess, here we come!

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