Sunday, April 14, 2013

Look What Else Is Hopping Around In Room A-1

Great news!  This week in Room A-1 we're learning about frogs, toads and tadpoles!  We still have our sweet little chicks, but we're adding these to the mix of animals in our classroom!

Aren't these just so beautiful?  They are, it's true!!  Thanks to Mr. S. at the High School for sending them over to us!  The kiddies are already so excited to see these!  If they start croaking in the room, I'll have to figure out a way to keep the kiddies on track and try to help them to not be distracted by them!  Any suggestions?

We will follow the frogs and our bullfrog tadpoles so that they kiddies can learn about and enjoy these sweet little frogs!

Here's a picture of our other fishy friend, Ernest Ray, the Beta fish.  He's pretty quiet, just likes to go along swimmingly. 

                                                               Ernest Ray, our fish

Spring is a busy time in our Kindergarten classroom!  Have a great week in yours!
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  1. Mrs. Elam, your kindergarten class is turning into a really fun petting zoo! How do you keep up with all the animals??