Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's A Hen Party! Chicks Are Peeping in A-1!

Back from Spring Break and chicks have come to our room!  We are studying oviparous animals and these chicks have stolen our hearts!  We have eggs in the incubator and chicks in the house!  They are so stinkin' adorable it's hard not to hold them all day and carry them around!  I do have to admit that the one named, Chicken Little-Cutie Pie is absolutely my favorite!  She is so sweet and she enjoys being held, so, I carry her around during the day, let her sit on my desk when I'm working and let her sit in my lap while I do my lesson planning!  The kiddies love her as much as I do!  They came up with names and then we voted on the 4 most popular!  "Chicken Little" and "Cutie Pie" were only separated by 1 vote, so the kiddies decided to let "Cutie Pie" be her last name. Okay with me!
When you look at the pictures you can see why she has this sweet little name!

Here's a picture of our classroom incubator!  It's a Brinsea Mini Advance Egg Incubator with an automatic egg turner.  It is an awesome incubator!  I love it!  I've been using it for 3 years now!

Now can you see why there's a Hen Party going on in Room A-1!  They are beautiful!  They are just starting to get their feathers! 

I hope you're having a great week!  Are you having a Hen Party in your room too?  Let me know!

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