Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Newest Chick Has Arrived!

It seems that all I have been writing about lately are the chicks, but they are so stinkin' cute that I  can't resist!  So this newest one hatched out last night!  She is so very precious!  She's so fluffy and cute!  She was cheeping so loudly after school that I wasn't sure if she was cold or lonely, so I carried her around for a little while and she was completely silent!  She even dozed off for a few minutes!  It was adorable!  I'll have to post a few more pictures before we're finished with this project!

No name has been picked yet.  We'll probably decide on one tomorrow!

She stayed in the incubator for a little while this morning and for a few minutes this afternoon.  Now she's in an aquarium with a warming light attached. 
Watch for upcoming pictures this week to keep track of such a sweet little chick!

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