Monday, February 2, 2015

February Homework Activities!

I just wanted to share my new February Homework Packet!  I just finished it and it's ready to go on TpT!  It's loaded with daily homework activities for Kindergarten Kiddies!  There's a wide range of activities for the kiddies to work on and most can be done independently at this time of year!

Here are some of the activities that I've included.  I hope you find them helpful and useful for your classroom kiddies too.

*Calendar to show activities at a glance
*Language Arts and Math activities for each day
*Practice with rhyming, syllabication, beginning, middle and ending sounds, opposites
*Practice with common sight words
*Practice with writing word families
*Book response activities, characters, setting, retelling
*Practice with adding -s and -es to create plurals
*Identifying numbers, writing numbers from 0-20, skip counting by 10's
*Addition and Subtraction to 5

It's just in time for a great start to your February Homework activities!

Have a great week!

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