Friday, December 13, 2013


It started out just like any other Friday the 13th.  Everything was great!  Show and Tell was awesome and the kiddies were excited to bake Gingerbread Cookies!  We were getting things ready.  We wrote this recipe....

and set out our ingredients.....

and mixed up our dough.  I always tell my kiddies, "Remember that everyone gets a turn to do something, but not everyone gets to do everything."  So we measured and mixed and stirred and folded, taking turns until we got this delicious dough ready to become the gingerbread cookies we had waited all week for!  (Yes, that's my old school, hand-me-down mixer!  It's probably 30 years old!  I burned up the brand new one that I bought to use at school this year! )

So now comes the tricky part.  We have to shape the dough into the ginger-kids that we want to make.  Here's where the disaster part comes into play.
After careful instruction and several teacher demonstrations,
Cookie Shaping 101 just went downhill.
Look at these sad little, uhmm, "cookies?"
I'm beginning to get a little worried.

And then..........

Wow.  Disaster.  Gingerbread Disaster!  LOL!
We've played with Play-doh.  We've created geometric 3-D shapes with Play-doh. 
We've cooked and baked other things this year in my classroom. 
I think we need a little more practice on sculpting skills!
We couldn't bake those "cookies."  Those little crumbs would burn immediately!
So, they ate the part they wanted to eat and tossed the rest!
Do over.
I quickly made another batch of cookie dough during my lunch.
For the sake of time, I made round cookies with 2 eyes and a mouth
and put them in the oven to bake.

Sweet and happy ending to a Gingerbread Disaster! 

We will try again another day.  We'll work on our fine motor, artistic sculpting skills. 
We have to.  We don't want another disaster like today!

I just love Kindergarten!  It's always an adventure!

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the season!
PS - That's not a real recipe in the picture above.  It's the one that my kiddies created to make the cookies!  We used a real recipe that is Vegan so that they could sample the dough without the risk of raw eggs.  Don't try to make that one at home!  Hahaha!

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