Monday, May 20, 2013

Break It Down! Summer's Almost Here!

It's C_R-A_Z-Y  these last few days of school!  Tearing down the room, packing up all the  stuff, the books, the centers, the Treasure Box!  Oh my!  It's so hard to believe that another year has gone by already!  Every year goes faster and faster!  I'm going to miss all my boys and girls, but really, they're too smart for me now!  They have to go on!  I always try to enjoy these last few days with the kiddies.  I know there's so much to do, and it'll all get done.  It always does.  I hope you can spend a little time together over the next few days! 

Tomorrow is our Annual Pancake Breakfast!  That will be a "flippin' good time" as we flip those flapjacks for our Kindergarten kiddies!

Have a great week and try not to be too stressful!
I'll be thinking of you!

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