Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Cat In The Hat Did Come Back!

We had an exciting day in Kindergarten Friday!  The Cat stopped by for a quick visit and we got to wear the fun hats that we made when he stopped in to see us!  We made these sweet red and white striped hats to wear and then we made a delicious Hat Snack! 

Here's how we made our yummy Hat Snack!  We put a round cracker on a plate, added a little dab of white (vanilla) icing and stacked 3 gummy life savers on the cracker, putting a little bit of icing between the layers to make it stick together and look like a hat!

The boys and girls really enjoyed all of the learning activities this week as we celebrated the birthday of that famous rhyming author, Dr. You Know Who!

Have a great week and enjoy the tiny little bit of snow that we are getting in Cincinnati!

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