Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One More Lucky Center Activity!

We ended our St. Patrick's Day week with a Lucky Charms graphing activity and a delicious green and frothy fizzy drink!  Have you ever done this with your boys and girls?  They loved this so much that I created another graph and bagged up another box of cereal so that they could do it by themselves during our 123Math Center time! 

I'm pretty sure that my kiddies loved the graphing just as much as they loved the snacking!  They couldn't wait to get the marshmallows organized and on the graph so that they could start munching on the cereal!

I have the kiddies put the cereal they don't eat back in the baggie it came in so that they can eat it after lunch or at home.  They can share the activity at home with their parents and tell all about the marshmallow graphing!  Charming!

Thanks for checking out our classroom and reading about our activities!
I appreciate you!

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