Monday, March 25, 2013

A Sound Freebie On My Store Page!

We were so busy last week getting ready for Spring Break and Easter!  We did this activity with my kiddies and they loved it!  We have been working on learning about Sound to meet our Science objective. 

Some objects and materials can be made to vibrate to produce sound.
Sound is produced by touching, blowing or tapping objects. The sounds that are produced vary depending on the properties of objects. Sound is produced when object vibrate.
We used my violin to explore how the strings vibrate to produce sound and we felt the back of the violin while I played the strings.  We used a tuning fork to see and hear the sound vibrations.  We used a pie pan of water to watch the waves and the vibrations created when we put the tuning fork into the water!  Then we tried this same experiment with salt in a pie plate.  The boys and girls were thrilled to see the salt "jump" when we put the tuning fork to it!  We created a chart and wrote all the things we learned about Sound!  Finally, we played the, "What's In The Egg Game" to explore that different sounds are produced from different objects.
Science Rocks in Kindergarten!
So I wanted to share this with you and I hope you and your kiddies enjoy it too!
You can pick this up as a Freebie on my TpT Store!
Here's a picture of the eggs I used for this Sound Activity!  This is the first carton with eggs (and a backup spare!) for eggs 1-6.  I have another carton with the eggs numbered 7-12.  After we do this activity as a whole group, I put Eggs 1-12 in my Centers.  I keep the backup eggs in case one gets broken.  Then it's easy to replace the eggs quickly! 
I hope you have an EGG-CELLENT Easter break and enjoy this activity!

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