Sunday, September 22, 2013

When the mouse goes to school, he wants to do Science!

Hi Everyone!
This week we were doing an author study of Laura Numeroff stories!  We read many of her great books and we did this Science experiment as an activity to go with the story, "If You Take A Mouse To School."  This is the Science experiment from the story!
You can find the recipe for the goopy puffy paint and the recording sheet at:

As a whole group, we followed the Scientific Method, coming up with a question, constructing a hypothesis, doing the experiment and recording our observations, discussing our conclusions and then answering our original question.  It was great the see the kiddies so excited and engaged! 

 We put the ingredients into this glass bowl so that everyone could see it!   We mixed it all up and added food coloring to make it purple. 

 Everyone got a chance to add some of the purple puffy paint to the recording sheet!  Each person got to scoop out some of the puffy paint and apply it to the recording sheet.  We talked about our 5 Senses and how we used them to investigate the puffy paint.

Thanks for stopping by to read about (and kindly comment) our interesting science experiment!  I hope you'll also do this experiment with your students once you see how easy it was and how much fun it was to learn about the Scientific Method!

Have a wonderful week at school! 

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