Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If You Give A Dog Something, Then He'll Want More!

As you know, we just did our Laura Numeroff study last week.  One of the things that I put together as a writing craftivity to go with her Doggie Donut story was this doggie-dog cut out and fill in sentence frame.  It's so cute! 

Every doggie is different and very special!  Then we wrote 2 words.  One was to tell what kind of drink this doggie would like and the other was to tell about what kind of snack the doggie would like to eat. 
Each person told me what they wanted to write on the blank lines and I helped them to achieve that goal!  
Every picture is unique!  They're all so stinkin' cute!  Loaded with personality! 

I hope you have a "dog-gone great" week! 
You deserve to have a little fun!

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