Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here's a little peek into Room A-1!

So I thought it would be fun to show you some of the Centers and other parts of my room!  I seem to spend so much time there that I feel like I should add a pull out couch!  Do they have those at Target?

This is a photo of where I store the Writer's Workshop writing folders, paper choices and underneath there are baskets of leveled books.  My boys and girls are gaining endurance and stamina in Writer's Workshop!  They are writing for a little bit longer each week!

My leveled book baskets hold the books that I've collected over the years! The girls and boys can select books from the leveled baskets after we work together in our Guided Reading groups. 


This is my Computer Center! There are lots of great computer games that the kiddies can play in class!  We love Starfall.com, PBS Kids and Literative.com!  Check out some of these great computer websites!
 Writing Center!  This week we're writing numbers to practice from 1-30!  The January calendar is the perfect way to practice!  I post a model of the calendar (not in this picture) to help the kiddies that  need support.  For some of friends to modify the activity, I will use a highlighter to write the numbers in advance, then they can trace the numbers that they need to practice.
These baskets of sorted books are ones that the boys and girls can pick from during different units throughout the year! They love the rocking chair!  This year, the kiddies are really good about sharing time in the rocking chair!  There are years when I need to add a sign up sheet for rocking time!
Job Chart!
I love our Poem of the Week and so do the kiddies in my class!  Here's the format I follow for the poem!
Monday:  Read and/or sing the poem!
Tuesday:  Read it and find the sight words in the poem!
Wednesday:  Read it and then discuss the meaning of the poem!
Thursday:  Read it and discuss the punctuation!
Friday: Read it, put a copy into our Poetry Binder, circle the sight words and draw a picture to illustrate it!
Word Wall!  Read it, read it, read it, read it! Play games with the words, make sentences, discuss and compare words, find rhyming words, identify syllables in words.....the list goes on and on!

Counting the days to the 100th Day of school!  We work on numbers and number words and here's a little peek at the 123Math Center!

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