Sunday, October 16, 2016

Apps for Creating Online Portfolios

I'm participating in a #TeacherFriends Twitter Chat this week and I thought it would be fun and helpful to research some apps for creating online portfolios. I like the free ones!

So, here goes!

I've had some experience with:

1. Evernote:  A free app that's easy to learn and easy for students to use.  You can add photos, take some notes, add some audio recordings and link to other apps.

2.  Voice Thread:  This is also a free app that's fairly easy for teachers and students to use.  You can add images, video, work samples, documents or files.

There are lots of others as well and I think popularity of an app depends on your level of expertise, available time and experience level of your students.
Have you tried:
1. Easy Portfolios - This is not a free app, but is easy for teachers and students to use.
2. Three Ring - A free app
3. Wikispaces - A free app
4. Weebly - A free app
5. Google Drive - A free app with extra storage available
6. Paper - Another free app
7. Kidblog - A free app

Hope this list is helpful to you when you think about creating online digital portfolios for or with the kiddies in your classroom!

Enjoy your week!

Researched sites:

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