Sunday, August 9, 2015

Heading Back to the World of K!

Here we are almost ready to head back to school! I've had a very busy summer this year!  I decided this was the summer to downsize all my junk!  The Mr. and I spent about a month working to get rid of more than about 35 years of stuff we've accumulated, saved and stored.  Almost 4 truckloads later, I'm beginning to think I could get rid of 4 more!  Where does all this stuff come from?
Oh yeah, not just me but also a couple of sweet girls!

The last few days I've been back to my classroom, trying to get things out, set up and ready to go.  Here's a little peek into the beginnings of my 2015-2016 classroom!

I'll be headed over to continue set up on Tuesday!  Hopefully the final touches will be put into place by Wednesday or Thursday! I'll share some additional photos as I go!

Have a great day!

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