Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Is Here! It's the Perfect Time of Year!

It's Fall!  Yeah!! It's starting to cool off and the leaves are starting to turn red and yellow and gold!  It's time for a fun fall craft!  Here's a picture of the fall tree craftivity that we did in Room A-1!

Start with a plain piece of construction paper!

Tear a strip of green and add as grass.
Put on a cut out tree or draw one with a marker or colored chalk.
 Tear little pieces of colored construction paper and glue in place as leaves on the tree!

Getting started!
 Looking very fall-ish!

Making it with just the right amount of leaves!

The next step is our writing connection!  We're going to add one or more sentences to our trees to tell about them!  We're also going to hang them out in the Kindergarten hallway so that it will seem like a "Forest of Fall Trees!"

I hope you're having  a great week!
Take care!

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