Monday, December 3, 2012

Gingerbread Folks Invade A-1!

We're starting our Gingerbread Folks Unit this week!  We'll be doing Gingerbread stories, Gingerbread mini-books and Gingerbread Centers!  Our Gingerbread Unit contains word work, rhyming activities, work with syllables and other phonemic awareness activities as well as stories and center activities.

Today in A-1 we created an anchor chart to tell about -at chunk and the -at word family.
From there we moved into Center activities to practice the word work and trace and write the -at chunk words. 

Here's a glimpse of my Center Activities for this week!  Enjoy! 

Week of December 10th, 2012

Writing Table      123Math      Cut and Paste         December Calendar   Dot to Dot

Puzzles         -at Word Wheel     Number Writing     Color By Words     Computers


Activities & Objectives for Centers:

  • Writing Table: at word family trace and write
  • Color by Words: Sts color by picture codes to identify color words and color a hat in a hidden picture
  • December Calendar
  • Dot to Dot: Gingerbread Man, front to back, 2 dot to dots
  • Word Wheel: at family cat word wheel
  • Number Writing: Tricky Teens Gingerbread Number Writing
  • Puzzles: animal easy puzzles, knobbed puzzles, oversized & regular puzzles, (Fine Motor, Problem Solving, & co-op play.)
  • 123 Math Investigations: Math Story Books, Math Number Puzzles, Math Investigations Manipulatives and Games
  • Cut and Paste: Ending Sounds
  • Computers: Sts work on computers to practice literacy skills on or, Kids Math (Literacy & Science Skills, Sorting, Classification, Problem Solving, Mouse Practice)
Read Alouds: Gingerbread Man Stories

Word Family Phonemic Sound Chunk: -at Chunk


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